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Re Coop Health, Aston Road, Abbey Green, Nuneaton WARWICKSHIRE CV11 5DT UK

Brookes Beauty

Wellbeing, Relaxation, Rejuvenation

Welcome to our organic holistic haven

Brookes Beauty and Complementary Therapy Practice is a holistic therapy practice working in partnership with ReCoop Health Physiotherapy & Pilates Clinic, in Abbey Green, Nuneaton.

The lead therapist, business owner Lindsey Brookes, has been practising complementary and holistic therapies since 2010.

The practice is committed to promoting wellbeing and health support using natural, ethical, and environmentally sound products and techniques.

Central to the core of the business is that clients leave feeling better than when they arrived and that home care solutions are available for clients to enhance the benefits of their treatments at home in between appointments.

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